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Social Media Packages

Be where your customers are.

If your business isn’t on Social Media, does your business even exist?

Let us harness the power of Social Media to grow your business.

We can help with

  • Social media planning and strategy
  • Advertising - Retargeting and Facebook funnelling
  • Posting content
  • Content planning and creative
  • Social Media content development
  • Animated social media videos
  • Social media graphics and imagery

These packages will suit businesses who want to...

  • Brand your business
  • Generate traffic to your website
  • Educate your customers
  • E-commerce
  • Generate sales
  • Strengthen connection with customers
  • Implement aggressive sales funnels and advertising
  • Build a database
  • Develop a strategic approach to Social Media activities

No 2 businesses are the same, so our packages are based on budget, giving you exactly what you need, instead of a whole lot of things you don't.